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  • As Teklas, there are competencies that we seek in all our business partners: Agility, Resilience and Integrity! We produce perfect solutions with Mindpicked in our recruitment processes as they are able to have tolerance of ambiguity, constantly change path towards a common goal, embrace errors to use positive and effective communication, build strong relationships, and be willing to ask and to know never giving up for looking for new candidates. Gülsünay Uysal, HR & Corporate Communications Manager - Teklas

  • Recruiting through Mindpicked is an absolute business pleasure. They have a vast network of “work ready, world ready” professionals with impeccable business skills and corporate ethics. Needless to say, any recruitment done through them is not only a perfect cultural fit for the organization but also highly sustainable in terms of hr optimization. I would strongly recommend them as a high value resource for effective staffing solutions. Evrim Kaplan, CFO - Panalpina

  • Mindpicked listened to what I wanted and gave me fantastic advice. Atilla Topsakal, Director Operations Management - Hitachi Healthcare

  • I am happy that Mindpicked helps us to recruit teammates with whom we dream and celebrate our success together. Mindpicked also gives us professional approach for targeting and hiring the best candidates. Pınar Gündüz, Employee Experience & Culture Director - ERKA Group

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